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French Polishers London, Premier Wood Finishers are a family run wood finishing and restorations business that operates in London. We cover Greenwich, Eltham, Chislehurst, Sidcup. We operate over a wide spectrum of establishments from private homes, offices, public houses, historical buildings, airports, stations & boats. We accommodate our customers on-site or through our workshop facilities according to their needs and requirements.

Our company operates in excellence. From customer service down to the finishes provided we aim to over deliver.  

Our vision; is to adapt wood finishing to keep pace with modern requirements whilst preserving the traditional skills and techniques in order to allow the art to continue into future generations. To grow with our customers to meet their needs through the high-quality process and customer satisfaction. To become the first choice of customers throughout the region.

Our mission; is to provide a fully trusted quality service across a range of wood finishing applications that exceed the customers' needs.


Our values; To raise wood finishing aspirations into future generations by educating our trainees and teaching our customers to conserve their finishes that PWF has provided.

French Polishers in London, Premier Wood Finishers provide both commercial and domestic services. We work with commercial clients to assess their needs and provide solutions to their requirements. For example, RAMS, COSHH, Method Statements and Risk Assessments are provided to ensure our clients fulfil their Health & Safety obligations. PWF liaise with our clients building management representatives to ensure the best solutions around obstacles to ensure a smooth transition of work processes throughout the service operation. 

Domestic work is taken just as seriously by PWF. Although the project is on a much smaller scale, PWF still takes the care to ensure that disruption is minimal and communications ensure our client's requirements are satisfied.

Our French Polishing Services include

·         French Polishing

·         Modern finish lacquer work

·         Dustless floor sanding and finishing

·         Spray shop

·         Auto-wood repair and finishing 

·         Antique restoration and reviving

·         Waxing (including liming)

·         Japanning

·         Colour and texture matching

·         Conservation

·         Education


French Polishing:

 A traditional finish of supreme quality using shellac. It really is the king of finishes.  It can accommodate a numerous amount of different shades and sheen levels from satin to a super high gloss. It is the most beautiful finish for wood.

Due to the complexity and skills required for this type of work, it is mainly applied to high-end projects, antiques and historical work, for example, historical buildings, mansions and palaces. It is suitable for internal use only and requires care to keep it in good condition. At Premier Wood Finishers we are only too pleased to offer advice to conserve your french-polished surfaces.

Modern finish lacquer work:

This is a modern finish that comes in a variety of sheen levels. Exact colour matches are also available making it a popular choice for designers, or customers working with a specific theme in mind. Pre-catalysed lacquer is good for most internal areas including tables, doors, skirtings, picture rails, chairs panel work or handrails. The acid-catalysed version has some damp and heat resistance. Polyurethane offers excellent high sheen levels for kitchens or other areas where a super high sheen specification is required. Floor lacquers offer good wear resistance for heavy traffic use. Lacquers are more hard wearing than french polish and are easier and faster to apply. Lacquers are easy to maintain. All of these factors together make them a cost-effective choice for wide range projects large or small. 

Japanning and oriental work:

Exquisite hand painted gold scenes with raised gilded and painted oriental figures, set against a soft sheen black, dragons blood red or prussian blue background. No wonder it was the European rage of the 17th-century craftspeople who wanted to copy the traditional oriental urushi lacquer work. Many designs were painted by ladies as a pastime, a comprehensive compilation being available in a book called ‘the ladies amusement’. The work is all done by hand and is naturally very time-consuming. At French Polishers in London  we offer repair and new work which you may wish to incorporate into a contemporary design.


Dustless floor sanding and finishing:

For flooring, we offer a dustless sanding service which is of utmost importance to health. It also means that other areas of a building, for example, a gallery or museum may remain open to their customers whilst work is carried out. This keeps the disruption to a minimum.

 Floors can be finished in a large array of colours, sheen's and wear ratings using specialist oils and lacquers. We are pleased to be accredited by Bona to apply their quality floor finish solutions. Please call to discuss a solution that suits you.

Spray shop:

We operate a small spray shop for items that are better finished away from their original site, for example, items may be required to be finished in the same time schedule as the ongoing site works but facilities on-site are not adequate for the application. Spray shop is a solution.

Auto-wood repair and finishing (sometimes accompanied by hydro dipping services):

A car's interior has to be right for the car to really be at its best. We can help in a number of ways! We can fix the cracks, repair veneer, stain and re-polish your woods.


Oiling is another great way to finish wood. It’s super hard wearing if maintained regularly and over time is impervious to scratching and damp. This is because the oil fills the wood and doesn’t just sit on it. Oiling is perfect for wooden kitchen worktops. Call us to discuss a solution that suits you.


We shall be producing brief ongoing educational videos to highlight some of the work we do and offer tips and solutions on maintaining your cherished wood surface.


Why not visit our video page and see how it is done!

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