Mission, Vision & Values

At Premier French Polishers we love wood! In fact, some of us have been finishing wood from a very young age. The wood finishing craft is our family business and being family run, we are proud that the technical skills required to produce the art have been passed down to the next generation. Currently, teenage members of our family are very much ‘in training’. Oh’ did we mention we love wood?

Our vision; is to adapt wood finishing to keep pace with modern requirements whilst preserving the traditional skills and techniques in order to allow the art to continue into future generations beyond our time.


Our mission; is to provide customers with beautiful wood finishes that enhance their tactile experience through the application of highly skilled craftspeople.


Our values; preservation! When we finish wood, we preserve it. In a throwaway world where many things are taken for granted and many species of tree are in danger of extinction, we at Premier French Polishers believe we have a responsibility to wood!  What could be more important in our line of business than that?


On behalf of all of us at Premier French Polishers and the Managing Director