Refinished Floors

At Premier Wood Finishers (PWF) we offer a range of wooden floor finishes. Covering London, Surrey, Kent and East Sussex our skilled staff can accommodate your floor finishing requirements providing solutions to new and existing wooden floors.

PWF provide specialist wooden floor sanding services for customers who require old existing floor finishes to be removed and a new finish applied. Firstly, we will ascertain the type of floor, for example, this could be original pine or oak floorboards which require different sanding techniques than an engineered wooden floor.  Using professional sanding equipment appropriate to the task, PWF will sand the floor to remove the old finish to a smooth condition ready for the finish of your choice. at this stage, the floor may be stained a particular colour or a primer applied to provide the desired theme. For example, to create a Scandinavian feel a white primer may be used under the finish to lighten the wood. Another example would be staining a floor with a darker stain to achieve walnut, mid oak or dark oak tones. at PWF we can provide the solution.


Finishes come in a range of sheens and textures.


OIL/wax finishes:

Oil/wax finishes are simple to apply but do have lengthy drying times on application. Oil finishes are very popular because they provide a nice depth and natural matt to a satin sheen. They are very tactile and if looked after the quality of the finish can be easily maintained. Oil finishes also form their own patina in time which is highly pleasing to many. The patina can then be fixed in with further oil applications to continue to protect and conserve the floor. Oil finishes provide a very natural feel to a floor. Oiled floors are simple to maintain although they do not stand up to fluid spillages well and any spillage needs to be acted upon immediately to minimise damage.   

Floor lacquers are the most durable finish that can be applied. They come in a range of sheens from very matt to satin or even slightly higher sheen finishes. However, it should be noted that the more sheen a floor has, the more apparent future ware and tare will be. It is advisable to go no further than a satin finish on a floor and for durability matt is the best option. Lacquered floors provide very good durability for heavy traffic use and are good in offices stairs and corridors where people are shod or light commercial apparatus may be in use. Lacquered finishes also provide very pleasing results when used in domestic settings. However, lacquer does not ware as naturally as an oil finish and damage can be much more apparent.  Lacquer finishes may be harder wearing than oiled floors but once damaged are not as easy to repair. 

Whatever finish choice is decided upon PWF can provide the solution to a beautiful, hardwearing floor for your domestic or company requirements.

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