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French Polishers in Kent is a family run company. We provide new and restorative finishes in Kent, Greater London and the home counties. We service a wide variety of premises which include private homes, offices, museums, boats, vehicle and piano showrooms. We facilitate customer requirements both on-site or through our workshops.  


Our Services: For an in-depth description of our finishes listed below, why not visit our service and gallery pages for further details?

  • Floor sanding (dustless) and finishing

  •  French (Shellac) Polishing

  • Veneering

  • Lacquer work

  • Antique revival and restoration 

  • Oriental Japanning 

  •  Gold Leaf

  • Spray facilities

  • Automotive-wood repair and finishing (sometimes partnered with a hydro dipping service)

  • Education

  • Wax finishes (including liming)

  • Oiling

  • Conservation

  • Colour matching

  • Ebonising


Do you know?

Antique furniture is best treated conservatively? While many people take drastic action to try to restore a finish, it often results in destroying the value of the piece! At French Polishers in Kent we have the experience to deal with your furniture to ensure that maximum value is kept by attaining a balance between the repair requirements necessary and cosmetic appearance.

Of course, we also finish or refinish modern furniture where you have complete freedom in the range of finish applications. A popular example are table tops which people often choose to have refinished. This often results in a better finish than the original.

We repair and restore finishes to:

  • Tables & chairs

  • Sideboards, draw chest & cabinets

  • Handrails, stairs& bannisters 

  • Panel work, architrave & skirting

  • Flooring

  • Doors

  • Kitchens

  • Worktops

  • Car Woods


Please read the service detail pages for other exciting design ideas you may have for your office, car, furniture, or flooring. 


We are also fortunate to have to be associated with other highly skilled crafts personnel to provide you with the opportunity of a  one-stop-job service. For example, we have furniture upholsterers, vehicle trimmers and wood joiners to hand. This provides you with the opportunity to save time and expense by having the whole project built into one price.

Have you visited our video page or gallery? Take a look at some of the work we do!

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